2 - 4 November 2018

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  • Founder
    Solene Guillier
  • Founder
    Nathalie Boutin
  • Director
    Eglantine Mercader
  • Director
    Julien Bouharis


  • France

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What's on at the Gallery

Reading is Making : Books and Boxes - From 02/09/2017 to 07/10/2017, Paris Artist(s): Hassan Sharif

Mac Adams, Empty Spaces and Parallel Lives; Elina Brotherus, Règle du Jeu - From 27/01/2018 to 10/03/2018, Paris Artist(s): Mac Adams, d'Elina Brotherus

Artists At Artissima 2017

Cally Spooner 

Artworks at Artissima 2017

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rue des quatre fils, 18
Paris, France
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