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A crowd of curious onlookers outside the church of San Gottardo in Corte, waiting to see Edy Campagnoli and the football player Lorenzo Buffon on their wedding day

Milan, 26 June 1958
digitized negative
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He was a handsome footballer, she was the first national valletta (TV broadcast “assistant”) by the side of gameshow host Mike Bongiorno: in a climate of artistry and gossip columns, it was the wedding of protagonists of the dreams of denizens of sports pubs and young women who subscribed to the “pulp” illustrated magazines of the 1960s: a chance to put luxury and elegance on the front pages, in an Italy that was beginning to dream once more. Outside the church there was pandemonium, with women fainting at the sight of the newlyweds: an obsession worthy of latter-day Kimye-style ultimate couples.

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