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Protests at the Venice Film Festival: Pierpaolo Pasolini interviewed by Carlo Mazzarella

August 1968
digitized negative
Photography by Carlo Fumagalli
© Archivio Publifoto Intesa Sanpaolo

August 1968: Pierpaolo Pasolini announced his will to withdraw his movie Teorema from the Venice Film Festival. At first Pasolini did not take any position, but eventually the director lined up with the protesting students and with ANAC (National Association of Cinematographic Authors) denouncing the obsolete statute of the Festival, advocating for the cancellation of the prizes, and promoting an independent self-management of the festival itself, free from the restrictions imposed by film productors. Despite the extensive media coverage and the upheaval it caused, the movie was screened since the film was already in the hands of its productor Franco Rossellini.

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