Public days: 6 - 8 November 2020

EventA special virtual tour of the section with Fernanda Brenner

A special virtual tour of the section with Fernanda Brenner


Come with us into the virtual world of Artissima XYZ, an immersive cross-media experience that, until 9 December, will reveal the experimental research carried out in the curated sections of the Fair: Back to the Future, Present Future, and Disegni.

Your special guide will be Fernanda Brenner, the curator of the section together with Ilaria Gianni, who will lead you through the projects and reflections of emerging under-40 talents. In this special virtual event, a whole host of interactive content created for the occasion by the ten Present Future galleries, the ten artists, and the Ordet team will give you an in-the-round experience of the creativity of some of the works on display in the section.

You will see the works of some of the youngest Italian and international artists, who reflect on the relationship between art, language and political turmoil, and who see art as a way to explore their role as citizens and as social actors. By unleashing narratives and imageries incapsulating multiple versions in History’s timeline, each work becomes an act of resistance, and as a breath itself, one for survival.

The event will be held on the Zoom platform.

Language: English

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07/11/2020 - 16:30-17:10


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