EventArtisti per Frescobaldi, the project and the catalogue

Artisti per Frescobaldi, the project and the catalogue


Artisti per Frescobaldi was born in 2013 as an international award in contemporary art, through the years giving life to a collection held at the CastelGiocondo estate in Montalcino. In 2023 the project, for its sixth edition, evolves into a commission, and invites artists Daniela De Lorenzo and Massimo Bartolini who created two site-specific works for the external spaces of the estate.

The catalogue, published by Centro Di, presents, in addition to the texts by Tiziana Frescobaldi and Ludovico Pratesi and the images of the artists’ works, the critical texts by Bettina Della Casa, Federica Timeto, Mirco Marino and Marco Scotti.

Speakers: Tiziana Frescobaldi (Director), Ludovico Pratesi (Curator), Daniela De Lorenzo (Artist), Massimo Bartolini (Artist)

Language: Italian


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04/11/2023 - 18:00-19:00


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