Public days: 4 - 6 November 2022

EventEttore and Ines Fico Prize

Ettore and Ines Fico Prize


The Ettore and Ines Fico Prize, organized with MEF Museo Ettore Fico of Torino and now at its 11th iteration, has been updated with a continuing focus on the promotion and support of the work of young artists, through an acquisition. Andrea Busto (President and Director of the MEF Museo Ettore Fico, Torino) and the artistic board of museum will select the winner among the artists showing work at Artissima, thanks to his/her international research and poetics.

In the past editions the prize has been assigned to Alessandro Scarabello (The Gallery Apart, Roma, in 2020), Gugliemo Castelli (Francesca Antonini, Roma and Rolando Anselmi, Berlin/Roma, in 2019), Georgia Sagri (Anthony Reynolds, London, in 2018), David Douard (Chantal Crousel, Paris, in 2017), Gian Maria Tosatti (Lia Rumma, Milano/Napoli, in 2016), Anne Imhof (Isabella Bortolozzi, Berlin, in 2015), Lili Reynaud-Dewar (Emanuel Layr, Vienna/Roma, in 2014), Petrit Halilaj (Chert, Berlin, in 2013), Luca Trevisani (Pink Summer, Genova, in 2012), Rä Di Martino (Monitor, Roma, in 2011) and Rossella Biscotti (Ida Pisani, Milano, in  2010)




07/11/2021 - 15:00-16:00


By invitation only
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