1 - 3 November 2024

EventMore than a Fad: Collecting African Art in Context

More than a Fad: Collecting African Art in Context


African contemporary art has had much market attention in the past several years. Much of this attention has prioritised certain styles and fashions which many collectors now believe define art on the continent. Nothing can be further from the truth. A continent of 54 countries cannot be summarised on any style, approach or medium. Art fairs are a great opportunity to open the door to engagement but it is just that, opening the door. To understand art of a place, its merits and importance both contemporary and historical one needs to engage with place and context in the very same way that we take for granted with work of artists in Europe. Moleskine Foundation was founded to engage immersively with creativity outside the center and has worked extensively across Africa on projects aimed to expand creative horizons for young artists, as well as publishing authentic Afro-centric voices in its publications.

In this panel we speak with Moleskine Foundation founder Adama Sanneh and Stefano Pisci a multi-faceted art mediator, advisor, exhibition maker and promoter, with work with African artists in and out of the continent about their experiences and guidance for those interested in gaining greater insight and opportunity to engage with contemporary art in Africa.

Speakers: Adama Sanneh (Co-founder and CEO Moleskine Foundation), Stefano Pisci (Managing Director Ladema Studio), Valerie Kabov (Co-founder and Director First Floor Gallery Harare)

Language: English

Troy Makaza – The Conquest of Lost Promises Part 13, 2023 (silicone infused with pigment, 55.00 x 77.00 cm). Copyright: the artist and First Floor Gallery Harare


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05/11/2023 - 13:00-14:00


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