Public days: 6 - 8 November 2020

EventPaolo Icaro. Anthology 1964-2019, Corraini Edizioni

Paolo Icaro. Anthology 1964-2019, Corraini Edizioni


Cecilia Canziani, independent curator, speaks with Paolo Icaro and Elena Volpato, editor of the publication. The book, published by Corraini, accompanies the first major anthology exhibition dedicated to Icaro at GAM Turin. Elena Volpato proposes a new interpretation of the fifty-five years of his career, with the goal of bypassing the overly scholastic categorizations in which the artist’s work is divided into contrasting phases. Icaro’s coherent trajectory rereads space as the vital place of forms, as the manifestation of the unfolding and flow of all things. This volume also presents an essay by Bernard Blistène, Director of the Centre Pompidou, on Icaro’s practice as an “open work” plus a contribution by Lara Conte on the studies the artist designed and built as spaces expanding upon his ideas.

Speakers: Cecilia Canziani (independent curator), Paolo Icaro (artist), Elena Volpato (GAM conservator and curator)


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