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EventPublications about exhibitions at OGR

Publications about exhibitions at OGR


A series of conversations examines the exhibitions by OGR-Officine Grandi Riparazioni Torino starting from the publications they have generated. An opportunity to reflect on ways and opportunities to narrate an exhibition through a book, the catalogues are presented during 3 conversations:

L’atteso, Mike Nelson.
Conceived as a block of notes, the catalogue of the exhibition LʻAtteso by Mike Nelson provides a series of heterogeneous materials, offering the reader suggestions and references on possible reading of the installation created by the British artist inside the spaces of OGR. The photographic documentation of the work in progress mixes with the accompanying selection of texts, ranging from science fiction to the writings of various artists. The layout of the book simulates an agglomeration where texts, documentation and iconographic references accumulates, imitating the stratifications of meaning and materials of Nelson’s work.

Speaker: Samuele Piazza, OGR Curator


Biennial of Moving Images. The Sound of Screens Imploding
On the occasion of the Biennale de L’Image en Mouvement 2018, the Center d’Art Contemporain Genève started a new collaboration with OGR – Officine Grandi Riparazioni, Turin. This is an unprecedented collaboration in the history of the Biennale. The dialogue between the two institutions took place on three different levels: the co-production of works such as those by Meriem Bennani and Tamara Henderson, the creation of a new version of the exhibition for OGR and the creation of a catalogue documenting the 2 exhibitions (in Geneva and Turin). The Biennale de L’Image en Mouvement was founded in 1985 in Geneva and was reinvented in 2014 as a platform for the production of new works. A unique event – part film festival, part series of monographic exhibitions and performances, part platform for research and production – BIM unites visual artists, performers, musicians and filmmakers.

Speakers: Andrea Bellini, Director of the Center d’Art Contemporain Genève, in conversation with Irene Dionisio, artist


Tacet / In Concert, Ari Benjamin Meyers.
The artist book by Ari Benjamin Meyers is conceived as a third part of a complex project, following Tacet and In Concert solo exhibitions – hosted by Kasseler Kunstverein and OGR Torino respectively.

It consists mainly of the documentation of the two previous parts, with a long essay written during the first exhibition and a series of photographs taken during three days in OGR, as well as contributions by Jörn Schafaff, Nicola Ricciardi, Judith Waldmann, Valentina Lacinio and Katja Naie. These materials are accompanied by a commented catalogue of all the works created by Meyers between 2013 and 2019, many of which have been exhibited in Tacet and In Concert. Presented in reverse chronological order, the works have a rhythm of 1: 5.

Speakers: Judith Waldmann, Curator Kasseler Kunstverein, in conversation with Sonic Somatic, Florence



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