Public days: 6 - 8 November 2020

EventThe Audience is Present

The Audience is Present


The talk between artist Christian Jankowski and curator Lorenzo Bruni will reflect on the fundamental role of the audience in the artist’s practice, the importance of the public in the context of a globalized world and the layered relationship between communication and social media in the so-called post internet era. Ideas on participatory performance will also be discussed.

This talk also marks the launch party of the new catalog “The Audience is Present”, published by Galleria Enrico Astuni, which is present at Artissima with a new participative work by the artist. Jankowski’s exhibition at the Bologna based Gallery is on view until December 8th 2019.

Speakers: Christian Jankowski (artist), Lorenzo Bruni (curator)

Language: English


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01/11/2019 - 17:00-18:00


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