Public days: 1 - 3 novembre 2019

Catinca Tabacaru Gallery


  • Owner
    Catinca Tabacaru
  • Director
    Raphael Guilbert


  • United States, Zimbabwe

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  • Main Section - Artissima 2018
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Artists At Artissima 2018

Xavier Robles de Medina

Admire Kamudzengerere Rachel Monosov

Admire Kamudzengerere

Rachel Monosov

Artworks at Artissima 2018

What's on at the Gallery

The Blind Leader - From 16/09/2018 to 28/10/2018, New York Artist(s): Rachel Monosov

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Main Venue

Broome Street, 250
New York, United States

Other Venues

Plot 1, Stonehurts, 1
Harare, Zimbabwe
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