2 - 4 November 2018
Artissima Stories

For the 25th anniversary, Artissima Fair presents Artissima Stories. 25 years of art, an exclusive format of interviews in blog and video formats, coordinated by Edoardo Bonaspetti and Stefano Cernuschi, with Anna Bergamasco. A programme of 25 stories about Artissima: 5 directors, 5 curators, 5 collectors and 10 gallerists. 25 viewpoints on Artissima and the contemporary art world, released every week at the fair website and social media profiles, from September to November.

Artissima Stories is part of the project Artissima Digital supported by Compagnia di San Paolo.

Discover here alle the interviews about the project Artissima Stories. 25 years of Art:

► Issue n. 1 | Roberto Casiraghi interviewed by Anna Daneri

“Twenty-five years of life is a major achievement in the world of contemporary art, which is often driven by ephemeral sensations; and the 25-year mark is even more precious because it is held in Italy and in Turin”Roberto Casiraghi

► Issue n. 2 | Rolf & Venke Hoff interviewed by Diana Baldon

“Why do we return every year? A combination of reasons: the art, the city’s architecture, its collections and museums, its history, its food and wine. Artissima does it the Italian way by making every year different, sometimes a little crazy, but always with high quality, and generosity in taking care of the visitors” – Rolf e Venke Hoff

► Issue n. 3 | Beatrix Ruf interviewed by Letizia Ragaglia

“Every year looking forward to my time in Turin. I found the intense process of discussing artists with the great groups of colleagues and the Artissima team very inspiring and horizon widening” – Beatrix Ruf

Issue n. 4 | Andrea Bellini interviewed by Luca Lo Pinto

“I don’t believe our intelligence is found in single brains but in the collective mind. The responsibility of producing thought lies with the whole art system, fairs included” – Andrea Bellini

► Issue n. 5 | Hou Hanru interviewed by Nicola Ricciardi

“Sound – the new section – is fantastic. I think sound art has always been an important field of exploration and experimentation. When applied to a fair, that approach becomes even more interesting. It’s an interesting challenge” – Hou Hanru

► Issue n. 6 | Pedro Barbosa interviewed da Fernanda Brenner

“I think Artissima is a calm, concentrated fair in which it is possible to open up a real dialogue on art” – Pedro Barbosa

Issue n. 7 | Alfonso Artiaco inteviewed by Andrea Viliani

“I never agree when people say that fairs are where the economic side of the galleries comes to the fore: if anything, the fairs are the places where the work of the galleries emerges most strongly” – Alfonso Artiaco

 ► Issue n. 8 | Ilaria Bonacossa interviewed by Patrizia Sandretto Re Baudengo VIDEO

“I think the very nature of Turin is fascinating, meaning a city which is still a bit of a well-kept secret and it is also a city which experiences this polarity between being still a 19th century city with a slow sense of time on one hand, and on the other, one of being a city that invests in the future and in innovation, and so I think these two souls make it attractive” – Ilaria Bonacossa

Issue n. 9 | Daniel Baumann interviewed by Antonia Alampi

“So consciously or not, Artissima plays out, with charm and intelligence, the card of multiple, yet specific experiences” – Daniel Bauman

► Issue n. 10 | Galila Barzilaï Hollander interviewed by Marcella Beccaria

“I love emerging artists and the way they talk about a word that still belongs to the future. (…) I like the way Artissima promotes young artists, and each time I find new artists to discover” – Galila Barzilaï Hollander

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