Public days: 6 - 8 November 2020

Selection and Curatorial Committees

Main Section, Dialogue, New Entries and Art Spaces & Editions Selection Committee:

Claudia Altman-Siegel
Altman Siegel gallery, San Francisco
Isabella Bortolozzi
Isabella Bortolozzi gallery, Berlin
Paola Capata
Monitor gallery, Roma, Lisbon
Raffaella Cortese
Raffaella Cortese gallery, Milano
Alessandro Pasotti
P420 gallery, Bologna
Gregor Podnar
Gregor Podnar gallery, Berlin

Present Future Curatorial Committee:

Ilaria Gianni (coordinator)
independent curator, Roma
Juan Canela
independent curator and art critic, Barcelona
Émilie Villez
director, KADIST, Paris

Back to the Future Curatorial Committee:

Lorenzo Giusti (coordinator)
director GAMEC, Bergamo
Cristiano Raimondi
independent curator, curator and artistic director, Società delle Api
Nicolas Trembley
independent curator and curator SYZ Collection, Paris-Geneva

Disegni Curatorial Committee:

Luís Silva e João Mourão
directors, Kunsthalle Lissabon, Lisbon

Curator New Entries:

Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti
independent curator, Torino
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