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#ArtissimaLive | Buyers of the Present, Timeless Artists and the Future of Art

3 Novembre 2017 #ArtissimaLive

#ArtissimaLive racconta il primo giorno della fiera su Artdependence Magazine tra Ppreview, Compratori del Presente, Artisti senza Tempo e il Futuro dell’Arte.


Artissima 2017 has it all: the good, the tough and the perfect. At the exhibition’s grand opening, and especially between 6-9pm the Oval Lingotto in Torino sunk. Seas of people came to celebrate a wind of artistic change. Young people, thirsty to see, explore, taste and ready to buy, anything – from sculptures to paintings, to innovative and more classical pieces, to virtually any form of art you can think of. New understandings, broader anxieties, broader interests – a wider market. There is supply of everything and demand for it – music, video, experimental pieces. They are all there, and they all have their audience and prospective buyers.


One meets new and established galleries, mainly exhibiting their young stars, up and coming artists from their early 30s to late 40s. The art? Bittersweet. A generation in need of statements, but less pompous than the art of the age of ‘excess’, of the art that we hated and loved in the 90s and the 00s. Happy and skeptical ‘teddy-bears’ with ambiguous suns; dark web poetry expressed through avant-garde mixed media; powerful themes and techniques from Latin America; skulls with drums and massive installations of varying degrees of creativity and ambition; an incredible mix of (mainly European) hope and despair born out of uncertainty and pessimism; and, a new wave of hard-working, deeply philosophized and particularly strong artists ready to experiment but with solid foundations and great mentors in the art arena. What more can one hope for in such an occasion?


The food is good, the lighting great, the set up smart, the themes brilliant, the organizing team solid, the galleries creative, the prices competitive and the collectors ample. The crowd is mixed, dynamic; mostly young, but experienced in art; the collectors are there to see, meet, greet, think and buy. And they do all this on the spot. It is quite the spectacle, for everyone. Even staff and members of the press are tempted to buy – after all, it is a fair full of gift, potential and opportunity.


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