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#ArtissimaLive | Present Future 2017 | Nicolàs Lamas

31 Ottobre 2017 #ArtissimaLive

Nuovo appuntamento per la redazione #ArtissimaLive. Fruit of the Forest incontra alcuni artisti della sezione Present Future, la sezione di Artissima dedicata ai talenti emergenti, per una serie di brevi interviste.

Federica Tattoli ha intervistato Nicolas Lamas (Sabot gallery).


Describe your work in five words

Everything is in constant transformation.


When did you become an artist?

When I stopped to worry about it and I just started to work hard on things that for me are important.


Do you listen to music while working, if yes what do you listen to?

No, actually I don’t like to hear music when I’m working.


An object you can’t live without.

A pen and sheet of paper. If It has to be only one, I go for the pen then.


What are you reading?

Many things at the same time and without a logical order of reading.


Can you describe the project you will show at Artissima Art Fair as though you explained it to a six years old child?

It’s a project where a group of objects and materials find their position within the exhibition space as pieces in a game board where the rules are not yet defined but you can find certain clues while interacting with them.


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