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#ArtissimaLive | Present Future 2017 | Salvatore Arancio

26 Ottobre 2017 #ArtissimaLive

Nuovo appuntamento per la redazione #ArtissimaLive. Fruit of the Forest incontra alcuni artisti della sezione Present Future, la sezione di Artissima dedicata ai talenti emergenti, per una serie di brevi interviste.

Federica Tattoli ha intervistato Salvatore Arancio (Federica Schiavo Gallery).


Describe your work in five words

#Scientificknowledge #Myth #Psychedelia #Landscape #Timeslip

When did you become an artist?

When I bought my first camera, aged 14.

Do you listen to music while working, if yes what do you listen to?

Always! The music is determined by the material or image I am working with at that moment and then ends up influencing somehow the outcomes, this connection is sometimes reflected in my titles.

An object you can’t live without

A camera.

What are you reading?

Nuisance: Writings on Identity Jamming & Digital Audio Production by Terre Thaemlitz

Can you describe the project you will show at Artissima Art Fair as though you explained it to a six years old child?

A selection of different elements: A sculpture representing an imaginary, distorted topographic map of a fictional landscape. Images of crystals that have been invaded by mineral beings from a distant elsewhere.

An animation of exploding crystals inhabited by my clay sculptures.

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