1 - 3 November 2024

Archivio Publifoto Intesa San Paolo

The Archivio Publifoto Intesa Sanpaolo, merged into the Group’s artistic heritage in 2015, is part of an extensive enhancement program within the Bank’s Progetto Cultura. The archive is a resource of about seven million analog photographs – negatives on glass and film, contact sheets, prints, mostly in black and white, and colour slides – produced by the famous Italian photojournalism agency Publifoto across 60 years of activity.

They are images of current events, politics, lifestyle, society, culture, sport, landscape and architecture, made in Italy and abroad, by the staff of Publifoto, photographers or other agencies that relied on Publifoto’s distribution network.

Founded in 1937 in Milano, Publifoto continued to operate until the 1990s: many photographers worked with the agency, including Fedele Toscani, Tino Petrelli, Peppino Giovi, Carlo Ancillotti, Vittorio Baroni, Silvano Lucca, Eugenio Pavone, Vincenzo Falsaperla, Ettore Grassi, Nick Giordano, Franco Gremignani, Alfredo Pratelli and, from America, Santi Visalli.

Conservation, cataloging and digitization activities of the Archivio Publifoto are managed by the Historical Archive, as part of the Progetto Cultura. The project will be fully accomplished with the opening of the fourth venue of Gallerie d’Italia in Piazza San Carlo in Turin (April 2022).

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