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Artissima 25. Hall of Fame: the new visual identity

8 June 2018 Journal News

25 years of Artissima. 25 years of discovery and experimentation, innovation and enhancement, emotion and art. 25 vibrant, dynamic years, pulsating and intense, which have made Artissima Italy’s foremost contemporary art fair. 25 years to celebrate with passion, and also with a new visual identity.

Hall of Fame, created by the Torino-based studio FIONDA directed by Roberto Maria Clemente, is the new graphic design project for 2018, which features a forcefully photographic approach based on the reinterpretation of the repertoire of imagery of Artissima. The campaign reflects the stages of the fair with a fresh, ironic tableau that gradually unfolds, transforming this 25th anniversary into a playful event with a vision that is always open to the contemporary.

Every year is a milestone, every milestone a patch: all together, a stimulus to identify the single iterations of Artissima, along the lines of a “collect them all” concept. Celebration thus becomes a matter of gathering and reconsideration,  collection and interpretation. With a conceptual and metonymic leap, the fair becomes its visual campaigns, brought together on a single, unusual, vividly material item, suggesting the world of youth culture in a simultaneously vintage and always fresh dimension.

The typical contrasts of the 25 years are also reflected at times in the dual terms that accompany the images, illustrating the fact that Artissima is both a young and an established fair. The choice of playing with words underscores the idea that contemporary art is full of nuances that are sometimes extreme, but always driven by the search for beauty.

Artissima, 25 years of:
passion and experience
discover and rediscovery
present and future
order and disorder
sounds and silence
elegance and irreverence
reiterations and new beginnings

Artissima, 25 years of ART

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