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#ArtissimaLive. Dialogue.

23 October 2016 #ArtissimaLive


Artissima is enriched by a new section, a new prize, and a structure that brings relevance to experimental and emerging art. The 2016’s edition comprises seven sections, three of which are each selected by a board of international curators and museum directors. Dialogue, one of the new sections, presents booths featuring a maximum of three artists in a coherent and curated project.

We spoke with art dealers Kim Savage from FOLD Gallery in London and Antoine Levi from the eponymous gallery in Paris to learn more about what we could expect at their booth in this section, how did they feel about this format and also about topics such as the role of the art fair and its future formats.

As Kim Savage (FOLD Gallery) has told us “The presentation proposed for Artissima is very much one of dialogue – a dialogue between two artists and two galleries. annex14 and FOLD both represent Callery and Ward in their respective countries. Both galleries feel that by opening up a conversation between each other, and facilitating a discussion between the artists and their work, will bring an expansive view and direct view on contemporary painting to a wider audience. The stand will consist of large paintings some protruding from the wall others occupying the floor and will showcase the artists individual take on the materiality of painting and how it exists as object.

Pedro Matos

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