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Giorgio Andreotta Calò wins the first edition of Mutina “This Is Not A Prize”

6 November 2016 Journal News

This Is Not a Prize is a new award developed in partnership with Mutina, the Italian artisanal ceramics company renowned for its innovative products, which cleverly combine craftsmanship and research with collaborations with up-to-the-minute designers.

The prize has been awarded to Giorgio Andreotta Calò, presented by Sprovieri gallery, London, for his affinity with the prize and Mutina’s philosophies.



Giorgio Andreotta Calò, Clessidra (Hourglass) K, 2016. Photo: Perottino-Alfero-Tardito


Defying clear-cut criteria, this 5,000 € prize only takes into account the different sensibilities of contemporary artistic expression, allowing a total freedom in the choice of winner. The title hints at the company’s creative approach and commitment to work with professionals from diverse backgrounds.
The prize also marks the beginning of a collaboration between the winner and Mutina that could take different forms; from supporting one of the artist’s projects, to realising a publication together, to commissioning new work or collaborating to create cutting-edge ceramics.

“Another aspect that characterises This Is Not a Prize is the jury, which is composed of figures who share the aesthetic and creative approach of the brand:Massimo Orsini (CEO, Mutina), Patricia Urquiola (architect and designer), Gianluigi Ricuperati (creative director, Domus Academy) and Marco De Vincenzo (designer).
The prize was awarded by the jury with the following motivation: “This is not a prize, but an entanglement. ‘Entangle’ is a beautiful verb in English. It means to link, catch, involve or envelop. If it’s true that, at times, the sound of a word suggests its meaning, this word would sound like ‘tango’. This is how we decided to choose an artist amongst the many who have exhibited their works in this extraordinary edition of Artissima. We didn’t choose the winner following strict parameters, which we didn’t have the presumption to set – also because all the artists we’ve considered are, regardless, winners. We didn’t want to give a definitive direction because all the artists we looked at possess an unconditional talent. The reason why we chose Giorgio Andreotta Calò is that we wanted someone to get entangled with, someone we could get involved with and set out on an inventive, collaborative journey.
In fact, in addition to the 5,000 € prize, Mutina will have the honour and the responsibility to embark on a creative adventure with the prizewinner. It takes two to tango – you need to share the same intent and sensibility with the partner to make it work. For these reasons — for this affinity, for his research dominated
by great curiosity and boundless confidence towards the materials of the ‘world’s palette’ – we have invited Giorgio Andreotta Calò to embark on this journey with us. Calò is a young maker who already possesses complex poetics, layered and open to dialogue with the human phenomenon. This dialogue on our necessities, on what identifies, houses and inspires us is also at the very heart of our philosophy as a company. This is not a Prize. This is a tango.”

With this other ground-breaking initiative Artissima – already a fore-runner of the uratorial trends and a pioneer of new formats – consistently proves its commitment  to invest in experimentation and research.


Jury of the Mutina – This is not a Prize
Massimo Orsini, CEO, Mutina
Patricia Urquiola, architect and designer
Gianluigi Ricuperati, Creative Director, Domus Academy
Marco De Vincenzo, designer



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