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Artissima 1996

26-29 September
Lingotto Fiere

Director: Roberto Casiraghi
Visitors: 20,000
Galleries: 106 from 7 countries

The new development at the third edition was the creation of a Steering Committee responsible for selection of the participating galleries, composed of a large group of gallerists: Alfonso Artiaco, Paolo Baldacci, Elena Buchmann, Massimo De Carlo, Emi Fontana, Laure Genillard, Claudio Guenzani, Liliana Dematteis-Martano, Massimo Minini, Giorgio Persano, Giulio Tega, Tucci Russo, Netta Vespignani.

The year 1996 also marked a clear approach by the fair to the world of the web: the website was initiated, and a series of online performances by musicians, poets and “art couples” were produced, titled “L’esperto è l’uomo che sta fermo” (The Expert is the Man Who Stands Still). There was also the launch of the “Arte a gettone” (Token Art) project, which involved a web connection with the most important multimedia artists of the time.

The web concept also extended to a network of relations across the territory: for the first time, ARTissima 3 presented, in a group stand, the SAMC, “Sistema Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Torino”, which included museums and foundations in Torino active in the promotion of contemporary culture (GAM, Castello di Rivoli, Fondazione De Fornaris, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Fondazione Italiana per la Fotografia and Palazzo Bricherasio).

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