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Artissima 2011

4-6 November

OVAL, Lingotto Fiere

Director: Francesco Manacorda

Visitors: 45,000

Galleries: 161 from 27 countries

The curatorial program of Artissima 2011 included two different projects:

  • the first was inside the fair, “Approssimazioni Razionali Semplici”: curated by the director Francesco Manacorda and the artist Lara Favaretto, the project offered the hypothesis of a museum as a temporary organism that appears, scatters, shares, publishes and vanishes, as opposed to the traditional museum structure that acquires, catalogues, conserves and puts into order.
  • the second, in the city, was “Artissima LIDO”, in the area of the Quadrilatero Romano during the evening: 16 group shows set up by artists from all over Italy were hosted in a series of spaces (stores, restaurants, cafes, studios, workshops, courtyards) in which to move forward with various experimental activities.

The programme of “Simple Rational Approximations” included:

  1. Permanence on Demand: a permanent collection inspired by Eat Art with masterpieces of modern art reproduced in the form of cakes;
  2. Hypnotic Show: a warehouse of fundamental exhibitions of the 20th century that could be visited under hypnosis, in the show curated by Raimundas Malašauskas;
  3. Ufficio di Statistica: a publication department, during all the days of the fair, presented real-time data on the event and the curatorial project, created by the graphic design team of Artissima, Sara De Bondt Studio.

2011 was also the year of the Collectors’ Talks – guided visits to the fair conducted by important international collectors – as well as the first iOS app of the fair, and the first live-tweeting initiative.

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