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8 October 2015 KETCHUP DROOL

An alphabetical countdown to Artissima 2015

“Ketchup drool” is the mixture of water and ketchup that annoyingly drips from the bottle just before the thick sauce reaches the opening. Ketchup drool is a countdown to the opening of Artissima 2015: a tool for knowledge production as well as a place for shared entertainment, which will serve for a month as a small temporary archive and as a thematic deepening instrument.

Ketchup Drool is auto-ecological, it doesn’t produce anything new: the blog daily assembles a mini-edition, starting (arbitrarily) from one of the artworks in the fair, and building a microcosm of links and heterogeneous materials around it, following the principles of aggregation and proximity. Contributions by artists, curators and unidentified figures will be juxtaposed to selected materials from the web, academic lectures and bathroom-pamphlets.

Ketchup Drool associates a title to every artwork presented on the blog, not to search for a general addressability of things but rather to find some common coordinates to approach the artworks, based on terms that often return in contemporary art in recent years, on plans of consistency and shared parameters, and on researches which can be more or less current but definitely unavoidable to enjoy an artwork in an Art Fair today. Practically, an illegitimate “bignami” of contemporary art, filtered by Artissima 2015’s artworks.


Lucrezia Calabrò Visconti is the project manager and curator of CLOG Projects (Torino), a research-driven independent exhibition space with a focus on contemporary art, autonomous education experiments and bad-ass self-production projects. As a real job, she worked as assistant curator for Shit and Die by Maurizio Cattelan, Myriam Ben Salah and Marta Papini (Palazzo Cavour, Torino), Tutttovero by Francesco Bonami (Castello di Rivoli and GAM, Torino), and as coordinator for TOILETPAPER Magazine by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari (Milano) and Artissima Art Fair (Torino). She completed her curatorial training at Artists Space (New York), graduated in Visual Arts at IUAV (Venezia), attended CAMPO12 Curatorial Course at Sandretto Re Rebaudengo (Torino), and studies Philosophy in her spare time. She writes occasionally on art magazines and she runs some online-projects (she is the web master of,, and lastly Ketchup Drool for Artissima 2015).
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