1 - 3 November 2024

MADE IN is a residency programme created by Artissima with the support of Camera di commercio di Torino, based on the desire to activate a dialogue between contemporary art and the flourishing entrepreneurial context of Torino, enhancing the territory in which the fair was born and has grown, constantly weaving synergic relationships with the aim of underscoring characteristic values, giving Torino greater visibility in the world.

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For the occasion of Artissima 2023, the second edition of the project has been launched in partnership with Dott.Gallina, Guido Gobino Cioccolato, Kristina Ti and Pininfarina Architecture, with the coordination of Sonia Belfiore, founder of Ultravioletto Arte + Impresa.

Starting with the idea that corporate know-how and specialized production processes can become a precious resource for the creation of works of art on the part of artists, MADE IN allows four young artists to live inside four companies in the territory, absorbing and incorporating the technological and operative expertise with which they come into contact into their own practice, with the aim of producing an original artwork that will be presented at Artissima 2024.

The artists selected to take part in the project are: Lorena Bucur (matched with Kristina Ti – patron gallery: Franco Noero), Christian Offman (matched with Guido Gobino Cioccolato – patron gallery: Luce Gallery), Jacopo Naccarato (matched with Dott.Gallina – patron gallery: Simòndi), Giulia Poppi (matched with Pininfarina Architecture – patron gallery: Mazzoleni).
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The four winners have been chosen and matched with the respective companies as a result of in-depth analysis conducted by the Committee of MADE IN chaired by Artissima in the person of the director Luigi Fassi and composed of four patron galleries – Luce Gallery, Torino; Mazzoleni, Torino, London; Franco Noero, Torino; Simòndi, Torino – and by Sonia Belfiore, curator of the project.

The four artists will be the protagonists of a residency taking place within the partner companies and with the aim of producing an original work of art as the result of contamination between different worlds. During their stay they will live the spaces and the atmosphere of Combo, innovative hospitality format always in dialogue with Artissima.

Stay tuned to the fair’s social channels to learn about the artists and developments in their projects!



Kristina Ti

Lorena Bucur (1996, lives and works in Bologna) studied at the Académie Royale des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles and the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna. In her research the themes of greatest interest are political and social in character. The elements and techniques underpinning her artistic vision are the medium of photography and images in motion, conveyed in the form of multimedia installations. Her research stems from and takes form in suburban zones, then reconnecting to urban space through the use of industrial materials. Recent exhibitions include: Like an Open Door Leading Us Where We Would Never Have Consented to Go, curated by Elisa Del Prete, Silvia Litardi, Iris Kasper, Anton Lederer, Margarethe Makovec, , Graz, Austria, 2023; Artificiale naturale, curated by Ivan d’Alberto, Spazio TORRSO, Pesaro, (PU), 2024; Non ci sono fantasmi, curated by Miral Rivalta, Fuocherello, Volvera, Torino, 2023; Avvicinare le distanze, curated by Cecilia Canziani and Davide Ferri, P420, Bologna, (BO), 2022; Nuovo Forno del Pane Outdoor Edition, curated by Lorenzo Balbi, Caterina Molteni and Sabrina Samorì, 2023.


Guido Gobino Cioccolato

Christian Offman (Rwanda 1993) lives and works in Munich and Bologna. He moved to Italy in 1999. He studied at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, in the sculpture program, taking a degree in 2020. In 2018-2019, as an international student he attended the Kunstakademie of Münster. He took part in 2021 in the YGBI Research Residency organized by Black History Month Florence and in the Live Works Summit at Centrale Fies. In 2021-2023 he attended the Akademie der Bildenden Künste München, in the course conducted by Gregor Hildebrandt. His works often take the form of sculptures and installations, with a central focus on racial and social issues and private memory, filtered through his personal vision. His work has been shown in solo and group exhibitions, including: Christian Offman “Kaputt Mundi”, Grabinski Point, Bologna (IT), 2024; “I’ll be the wind, the rain and the sunset”, curated by VogelArt edition, Occhio Lenbach Palais, Munich (DE), 2023; “The Recovery Plan: Alle porte coi sassi”, James E. Lewis Museum of Art, Baltimore (USA), 2023; Sechs Monde Zeit, Undconsorten, Munich (DE), 2022; Spazio Griot, “Sediments: After Memory”, Mattatoio (former Macro Testaccio), Rome (IT), 2022; Christian Offman and Francis Offman, Le Garage Lab, Trento (IT), 2021; Früher war alles besser, in Mühlenhof Münster, Münster (DE), 2019.



Jacopo Naccarato (Arezzo 1995) graduated from the Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, department of painting, in 2021, in the course chaired by Prof. Caccioni, and in 2017 in the course conducted by Prof. Bertolo. Before completing the three-year program in 2017, he spent a period of time in Bucharest, Romania, where he came into contact with Eastern European contemporary art, which became a factor in his research. After taking his Master’s he became an assistant to the Tuscany-based artist Giulia Cenci, at the time of her participation in the Biennale di Venezia. In that same period, after returning to Arezzo he decided to open an independent space. “Sottofondo studio” was created together with two colleagues from the same city (Bernardo Tirabosco and Elena Castiglia), with the aim of bringing stimuli to the local contemporary art scene, involving artists and friends in the attempt to activate a provincial context. At the moment he lives and works in Arezzo. Recent exhibitions include: Lingua morta, a group show at Divario curated by Davide Silvioli, Genesis, a group show at the Address Gallery, curated by Edoardo Monti, L’erba sulla polvere, a group show at MA Project, with a text by Davide Silvioli, Emulating Humans, a dual solo show at Hidden Garage, Bologna, Da solo, Sottofondo studio, Arezzo (AR), curated by Elena Castiglia. He has also had a residency at Palazzo Monti in February 2023.


Pininfarina Architecture

Giulia Poppi lives and works in Frankfurt and Bologna, with a focus on sculpture. For her, onomatopoeia, vintage erotic magazines, sea animals, paradises and canned goods, coloured lights, fakery, deceptions, anatomical archetypes, construction materials, membranes, shells, wine cellar knick-knacks and Longobard metopes are elements of a grammar in ongoing pursuit of a crisis of rationality and control as guiding forces of human behaviour. Her sculptural processes, which hybridize elements and intentions from other media and at times borrow tools from industrial worlds, set out to induce the viewer to perceive reality as a magical and idealized territory. Poppi’s work has been shown in institutions, including the museum of Palazzo Collicola in Spoleto (2023), La Quadriennale di Roma (2020), the Pinacoteca Nazionale di Bologna (2018) and MAMbo (Bologna, 2017); and in galleries, including Fuocherello (Volvera, 2023), Straperetana (Pereto, 2021), P420 (Bologna, 2016, 2018), as well as independent spaces like Gelateria Sogni di Ghiaccio (Bologna, 2019) and Localedue (Torino, 2017). She has also collaborated with industrial companies like Illy and Massimo Dutti.
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