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Artissima emphasizes the cultural richness of its host city. Turin –   contemporary and packed with heritage at the same time, conserves its Savoyard roots as an industrial city, and contains a fabric of entrepreneurial excellence which Artissima sets out to amplify, weaving a dialogue that leads to a wider focus on the relationship between art and enterprise already explored in multiple special projects inside the fair, to bring new resources into contact with contemporary art and its protagonists.

MADE IN stems from the support of the Camera di commercio di Torino, and from the relationships Artissima has fostered over the years with local companies. Starting with the idea that corporate know-how and specialized production processes can represent a resource for the making of works on the part of artists, Artissima has created an academy for young talents that allows them to spend time inside companies, incorporating the technological and operative skills they learn about into their own research. The pilot episode of the project has been discussed during a talk at the fair, with representatives of the Turin Chamber of Commerce and four companies based in Turin – Carioca, Mattioli, Pattern Group, Prima Industrie in an initiative that will lead to the production of four works that involve the production processes.

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