1 - 3 November 2024

MADE IN is a residency programme created by Artissima with the support of Camera di commercio di Torino, based on the desire to activate a dialogue between contemporary art and the flourishing entrepreneurial context of Torino, enhancing the territory in which the fair was born and has grown, constantly weaving synergic relationships with the aim of underscoring characteristic values, giving Torino greater visibility in the world.

For the occasion of Artissima 2023, the second edition of the project has been launched in partnership with Dott.Gallina, Guido Gobino Cioccolato, Kristina Ti and Pininfarina Architecture, with the coordination of Sonia Belfiore, founder of Ultravioletto Arte + Impresa.

Starting with the idea that corporate know-how and specialized production processes can become a precious resource for the creation of works of art on the part of artists, MADE IN allows four young artists to live inside four companies in the territory, absorbing and incorporating the technological and operative expertise with which they come into contact into their own practice, with the aim of producing an original artwork that will be presented at Artissima 2024.

During the residency the artists are flanked by four prestigious Torino-based galleries from the Artissima circuit: Luce Gallery, Mazzoleni, Franco Noero e Simòndi. They monitor the progress of the works in a role of “project godmothers”, providing the artists an opportunity for interaction with entrepreneurial figures in the world of art as well.

The open call, spread to the main public and private Fine Arts Academies & Universities in Italy, is aimed at young people between 21 and 35 years old living in Italy. At the end of the selection process, the winners are paired with one of four companies with which they will begin to collaborate from March 2024, completing the production of their works by June 30, 2024*.

The four artists are assisted along the path of production of the work by the team of Artissima and Sonia Belfiore. They can rely on the partner company for workmanship, materials and labour, and/or other previously agreed benefits, and they have the possibility of interaction with exceptional figures, including the most prestigious Turin-based galleries, to discover the world of entrepreneurial activity and experimentation.

* Each artist will be provided with a production budget and a hospitality budget.


For information about the project, requirements to participate, selection committee, residency and production process:

The open call for participation is now open, and the deadline is 26 January 2023.


► Discover more about the artists and works created during the first residency of the MADE IN project.

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