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Panta Rhei

4 July 2017 Journal News

Artissima 2017: the new visual identity

Panta Rhei, everything flows. The new coordinated image of Artissima created by Leonardo Sonnoli and Irene Bacchi of Studio Sonnoli,

in a completely new graphic guise this year, explicitly sums up the thinking of Heraclitus, the 1000 rivers of the artist from Torino Alighiero Boetti, and the very concept of “becoming.”

The graphic design for 2017 narrates the spirit of transformation and the multiple expressions of contemporary art, which the Torino-based fair, now at its 24th edition, has always supported and promoted. With a special focus on narration – including the visual narrative of its own identity – Artissima sets out to tell a persuasive story of natural renewal.

The image suggested is that of the water flowing in a river, offering a glimpse of its bed, distorted as if seen through a lens, in a view that is always different and never repeats. The Artissima logo becomes fluid and metaphorically conveys the vision of a fair that conserves its specific, consolidated and clear identity, while never standing still, pushing its research towards what is becoming, constantly looking to the future… just like the art it nurtures.

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