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Milano Indoor, WCT: left, Peter Fleming and John McEnroe, who would defeat the pair of Butch Walts and Andrew Pattison, in the final

24-30 March 1980
Unknown photographer
© Intesa Sanpaolo Historical Archives, photography section

Peter Fleming played in doubles matches for many years, as the partner of the tennis star John McEnroe. Together, they won over 50 tournaments, including seven Grand Slam events and four victories at Wimbledon. A true champion, but with a more reserved character than his partner, he is known for having said: “The best doubles pair in the world is John McEnroe… and anyone”. 

The adversaries of Fleming and McEnroe in this match, Butch Walts and Andrew Pattison, are American players with similar careers, since they both won more titles for doubles than for singles. 

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