1 - 3 November 2024

Putting the shot at the “Campionato Sociale di Atletica”, Arena di Milano

Photo by A.P.G. foto
© Intesa Sanpaolo Historical Archives, photography section

In 1919-20, as a result of the introduction of the so-called “English Saturday,” meaning time off from work on Saturday afternoon, many associations of workers appeared, often with a focus on sport. The impact of these practices of socializing led in 1925 to the creation on the part of the Fascist regime of the Opera Nazionale Dopolavoro (OND), whose aim was to organize the free time of workers with the precise objective of exerting a form of social control.

The recreational organization of the Cassa di Risparmio delle Provincie Lombarde was founded in June 1926 and contained various sections: recreation-sport, education-hygiene-assistance, education-culture. A “sports group” of the institute already existed in 1920, and also included track and field competitions among the various sports, as can be seen in this photograph.


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