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Tempo rizomatico

The Ballroom of the historic hotel Principi di Piemonte | UNA Esperienze hosted a new contemporary art installation titled Rhizomatic Time by the Italian artist Diego Cibelli (Naples, 1987) represented by Alfonso Artiaco gallery of Napoli. Cibelli’s artistic research is forcefully influenced by his background, and starts with two fundamental premises: the virtuous scenario of Italian landscape (seen as a widespread laboratory of know-how) and the magnificent archives that have been produced by history. For the artist, “the idea arises together with ‘making with matter’, and in finding the evocative potential that can unveil the connections and complexities of our time.”

Working with ceramics, which he appreciates for the material’s two-dimensional aspects, on the one hand it is at the service of the work, while on the other it is a bond and product of the place from which it comes, Cibelli offered the magical Salone delle Feste (Ballroom) an installation capable of summing up the fundamental values of his creative approach.

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