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Alfabeto Treccani

Artissima and Treccani move forward with the special collaboration that since 2018 has triggered a dialogue in the project Alfabeto Treccani, a series of 21 original limited editions created by 21 Italian artists renowned on the international scene. Alfabeto Treccani is a project that makes an extensive survey of Italian contemporary art across the output of three different generations of artists, from recognised masters to emerging talents.

Alfabeto Treccani plays with the mechanism of the alphabet, associating each letter with one artist having that initial. The selected artist is invited to create an original work in a limited edition that can be seen as representative of his or her practice.

The 2021 iteration saw the presentation of 3 new multiples and their respective artists: Loris Cecchini (Milano, 1969), Luisa Lambri (Como, 1969), Ornaghi & Prestinari (Valentina Ornaghi and Claudio Prestinari, Milano 1986 and 1984).

The project is curated by Ilaria Bonacossa, who assigned the making of the first six editions, produced in 2018, to Rossella BiscottiPiero GoliaMarisa MerzDiego PerroneMaurizio Nannucci and Francesco Vezzoli. The first group of works was presented during the 25th anniversary of the fair and in December 2018 in Rome, at an event created specifically for the occasion.

Artissima 2019 presented original editions by 7 new artists: Giorgio Andreotta CalòGiovanni AnselmoMassimo BartoliniPaolo IcaroMarinella Senatore and Gian Maria Tosatti.

Alfabeto Treccani reflects the engagement of Artissima with artistic experimentation, as well as the aim of cultural diffusion of Treccani. These orientations converge in the shared objective of promoting the universal spread of Italian contemporary art, nurturing a younger generation of collectors while at the same time addressing established ones.

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