Public days: 1 - 3 november 2019
Alfabeto Treccani

Alfabeto Treccani was a new project that ushers in the partnership between Artissima and Treccani, with the goal of activating a survey on the state of Italian contemporary art through the creation of a new encyclopaedic universe that narrated the history and work of three generations of artists highly acclaimed on an international level.
The project called for the development of a series of original multiples by 21 Italian artists well known on the international scene. The alphabet approach made it possible to associate each letter with one artist whose name began with that same letter: for each artist a new limited-edition production was created, representative of his or her practice.
21 letters for 21 artists and 21 original works, in an overview of Italian contemporary art.
Artissima and Treccani firmly believed in the possibility of generating unique projects of research through collaboration with successful and emerging artists, in the form of accessible works capable of widening the audience of Italian art lovers while also appealing to leading collectors.
The first multiples were available at the fair at a special stand.

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