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Artissima 2021: the new visual identity

15 September 2021 Journal News

Artissima presents its new visual identity, based on the concept of Controtempo, the theme of this 28th edition. In keeping with its avant-garde and experimental attitude, the most contemporary art fair in Italy once again investigates an extremely timely idea: the impact of critical times prompts activation of a change of pace – of rhythm – that is manifested in the need to transform fragility into force through creative imagination. Art has the ability to shift rhythmical accents, transforming weak beats into strong points and creating a contrast between voices.

Art – Ilaria Bonacossa explains – has always operated in an ‘emotional and formal countertime’ thanks to intuitions that foreshadow the future, altering the trajectories of our view of reality, disrupting paradigms and opening to unpredictable yet unavoidable interpretations and perspectives”.



The new coordinated image of Artissima 2021, designed by the studio Fionda directed by Roberto Maria Clemente, has been developed around this concept. In a space-time continuum, mirrors of various kinds form a succession, reflecting fragmented images, narrating the diversity of perspectives and angles, revealing new imaginaries.

The mirror lets us look at what our eyes cannot otherwise see; the reflection is always a discovery, a vision of a reality that was previously invisible, unknown. It does not reflect one single truth or one single moment, but also an instant after, an instant before: pluralities, polyrhythms. We can anticipate or choose to slip into a slight, intentional delay: asynchronies, diachronies. No rule exists with which to reassemble the world, no certain final image. Only new perspectives, only new gazes. Countertime”.


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