Public days: 1 - 3 november 2019

Artissima Experimental Academy

Artissima and Combo, an innovative hospitality concept and “cultural assemblage” open to experimentation, have organized an inedited traveling educational project, the Artissima Experimental Academy. Through a series of creative co-designed workshops, based on a format of co-habitation and experimental teaching methods, the fair offers young arts-lovers and professionals a unique opportunity for growth. Discover the previous episodes of the project, while waiting for its third chapter that will take place during Artissima 2019 and will be focused on censorship, to reflect the theme of this year’s fair.

The third appointment of the Artissima Experimental Academy, Eyes, come back!, will be conducted by the Iranian artist Setareh Shahbazi, born in Tehran in 1978, and will take place behind closed doors in the spaces of Combo in Turin, with the support of Alserkal, Dubai.

The workshop, open to twelve international students selected through a call to academies and institutions of artistic production, will feature a hands-on and cross-disciplinary experience, oriented towards a practical approach in which participants are engaged in the design and making of a series of fictional worlds. These scenarios – based on the imaginary liked to the figure of the “trickster” (typical of folklore and mythology) – will be the stage on which the selected young participants will move to explore multiple viewpoints that narrate the uncertainty and entropy of contemporary society.

The participants in Eyes, Come Back! will thus experience a change of perspective, attempting to observe the world through the eyes of another, evaluating its opportunities and unknowns.

The artistic practice of Setareh Shahbazi is marked by an interpenetration of faces, times, materials and forms. Starting with photographs taken by the artist herself or from films, postcards, newspaper clippings, family albums or private collections, Shahbazi creates works that emanate an almost hallucinatory aura, overlapping different materials and using various techniques.

The project Eyes, Come Back! is inserted in the Hub Middle East focus and is supported by Alserkal, a socially responsible Dubai-based company in the field of distribution and production of innovative models of cultural business on a local and international level. Through its Foundation, the company supports public commissions, residencies, research grants and educational projects.

Previous episodes



The first episode of Artissima Experimental Academy, the project DAF Struttura, premiers during the Fair from 1—4 November 2018. DAF Struttura was composed by Jan St. Werner in collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts Nuremberg, where he teaches Interactive Media/Dynamic Acoustic Research (DAF). St. Werner was accompanied by two guest lecturers, Yael Solomonowitz and Marc Matter. There were additional robotic and light installations by Moritz Simon Geist and Matthias Singer, where the robots and lights work as musical instruments.
A four-day experience. An invitation to build and inhabit an experimental free school in Turin. A stage, a workspace, a thinking place, an archive, a radio station, a recording studio, and an art space. Composed by Jan St. Werner, its coordination is based on collective learning and self-organization, open to participants of all ages and from all countries.



Artissima Experimental Academy second episode takes place against the backdrop of the 58th Venice Art Biennale.
From 12 to 18 May the spaces of Combo Venezia hosted FIGHT (Temple Door), an experimental workshop conducted by the American artist of German origin Dara Friedman, whose research focuses on the body and performance, through the preferred medium of video.
The candidates selected to work with the artist (actors, performers, musicians, dancers, activists, filmmakers, artists), have had a chance to live together for one week and to directly take part in the production of a work of art. The results of the workshop and the performances produced during the course of FIGHT (Temple Door) will become the initial material for a new work by Dara Friedman, to be presented in November 2019 in a solo exhibition at Kunstverein Harburger Bahnhof.
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