1 - 3 November 2024

In 2018 Artissima and Juventus announced their collaboration with the launch of Artissima Junior, the new project for young visitors to the fair who have been involved in an immersive, participatory artistic experience. Artissima and Juventus, in the conviction that artistic creation can reinforce the emotional sensitivity and relational awareness of children, invited young visitors to take part in a process of teamwork and sharing. Artissima Junior offered kids the chance to take part in the creative process of a work of art, helping them to understand how contemporary art can transform everyday life and the world in which we live.


Artissima Junior – Online Special Edition (27 April – 11 May 2020) was the last edition of Artissima Junior.
The initiative, led by the artist-tutor Diego Perrone, invited young art lovers to become part of a special team of artists, through the practice of portraiture.
Here below you will find the letters (click on READ) the artist wrote to invite the children to:

  • become artists through a special magic  (Letter 1)
  • draw a self-portrait, transforming it into a picture card (Letter 2)
  • draw a special portrait of the artist (Letter 3)

All those who wanted to join the team of Artissima Junior sent their own drawings, now visible in a special design (click on DISCOVER). The works by all the children became fragments of a collective virtual project, shared at a distance and inspired by YOUR ICON, the project created by Juventus to encourage fans to reinterpret the team’s logo in the most original way possible.

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