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Artissima Rewind

31 January 2024 Journal News

#ArtissimaRewind is back online with a new season, as the programme provided by the fair for exploration of the last edition, in the run-up to the following year.

All the virtual appointments, for a variegated programme of digital contents from which to choose: from videos to podcasts, from guided tours to recommended itineraries, from online platforms to narrations of projects with our partners. Every week, every month until summer, Artissima is here for you, to reinterpret and relive the emotions and discoveries that have always been key factors in the fair’s identity and vision.


Walkie Talkies On Demand 2024

Every Wednesday from 7 February to 6 March, don’t miss the appointment with a different episode of Walkie Talkies On Demand, excellent videos present pairs of international curators and collectors, conversing their way through the stands and the works of the fair in 2023.

7 February Mirella Baciak, director, Salzburger Kunstverein & Etienne Bernard, director, FRAC Bretagne • 14 February Judith Waldmann, curator, Stiftung Museum Schloss Moyland & Karen Lohmann Boros, collector • 21 February Stefano Colicelli Cagol, director, Centro per l’Arte Contemporanea Luigi Pecci & Massimo Adario, collector • 28 February Markus Reymann, director, TBA21 Thyssen-Bornemisza Art Contemporary & Barbara Casavecchia, independent curator • 6 March Antje-Britt Mählmann, artistic director, Stiftung Museum Schloss Moyland & Alain Servais, collector

A special thanks to the Consulta per la Valorizzazione dei beni Artistici e Culturali di Torino and the Unione Industriale di Torino.

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Artissima Voice Over 2024

Every Tuesday and Thursday until the end of March the 32 artists and gallerists of the 3 curated sections of Artissima 2023 – Disegni, Present Future, Back to the Future  – tell their stories in exclusive video interviews produced by the editorial team Treti Galaxie (Matteo Mottin and Ramona Ponzini) + Like Usual with Fionda to enliven the platform Artissima Voice Over powered by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo. Also explore it through the Recommended Tours: selections of works choseb by leading personalities of the international art scene, like Iolanda Ratti • Anni Venäläinen • Chiara Nuzzi • Tominga O’Donnell • Stella Bottai • Lorenzo Balbi• Bruno Barsanti.

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Artissima AudioGuide 2024

In March, on Mondays, get connected on our social networks from your computer or smartphone to re-experience the fair in 2023, by listening to it through the AudioGuides by Lauretana, powered by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo. You can enjoy our exclusive guided tours produced by the professional mediators of Arteco, covering very timely themes and keys of interpretation.

30 cum laude A voyage in time and space. Historic moments of the first 30 years of Artissima activate reinterpretations and new discoveries, accompanying us across four continents in a reconstruction of the international growth of the fair • The space of relation The human being as the centre and driving force of relations, from personal inner space to connections with the socio-cultural and natural ecosystems, passing through interactions, alternations and oppositions in search of new modes and possibilities of care • Techné  Towards the discovery of artists that have made technique a central pillar of their poetics: from the recovery of artisanal roots to digital developments, by way of chemistry and mechanics. A pathway guided by research and experimentation • Pinxit A perusal of the state of international painting, between figuration and abstraction. The exploration of a renewed focus on the part of criticism and the market. The opportunity to investigate the contemporary meaning of an age-old genre, paying attention to colour, technique, inspirations and languages • Body Language (eng) The body and bodies. Skin, bones, organs and sensations become channels of values. An investigation of how corporeality can catalyze reflections on the dynamics of desire, interiority and civil rights • Unexpected objects And what is that thing doing there? Children will be accompanied to discover and recognize objects that peep out at them, perhaps unexpectedly, inside works of art. A path in search of symbols, hidden messages and surprises

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Artissima Online Catalogue

Until the closure of the Applications for 2024, the Online Catalogue of Artissima 2023 will remain open to visitors, where you can explore the galleries, artists and works in an interactive way, and look back on the creations that impressed you most, while continuing to discover and investigate the most experimental trends of the international contemporary art system.



Podcast Lo stereoscopio dei solitari

Each month the podcast Lo stereoscopio dei solitari, made in collaboration with Il Giornale dell’Arte, invites you on a voyage through stories of lives that intertwine with the world of art, narrated by twelve exceptional authors. Gallerists, playwtights, performer and writers share the attraction to artistic creation, freely outlining their own narratives driven by inner urges, personal fascinations and research. Listen to the first three episodes with the gallerist Guido Costa, the director Fabio Chertich and the writer Melania Mazzucco.

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