1 - 3 November 2024

Artissima and Fondazione per l’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CRT launched Beyond Production in 2021, a conceptual platform that has encouraged reflections on the most innovative trends of contemporary art at each edition, investigating how they are related to the art market, the production of works of art, the research of artists and the role of art galleries.

Now in its third iteration, Beyond Production confirms Ilaria Bonacossa as its curator, Director of the Museo Nazionale dell’Arte Digitale – MNAD of Milano, and organized a Symposium, a context of in-depth reflection on the relationship between new technologies, art and society, which resulted in a cycle of research at the OGR Torino. The symposium, open to the public, aimed to enhance and reflect on the Beyond Production platform. Distinguished international speakers, representing various perspectives including artists, art professionals, technicians, and those focused on legal and ethical aspects of new media, provided insights.

After giving a critical view of the NFT phenomenon in 2021 and the Metaverse in 2022, a new identifying ingredient was introduced again this year: the involvement of Artificial Intelligence in the restitution of symposium content. Alia, an artificial entity developed by the department of Deep Learning e Big Data of Alkemy Spa, the partner of the project specialized in the digital transformation of businesses, joined the mediators of the symposium in the processing of the emerging contents, acting as a live “smart” editorial staff, and was questioned on various themes during the summarizing talk hold at the Meeting Point of the fair. The objective of this engagement was to approach the question that enlivens the contemporary debate: is AI an ally, a substitute, or an enemy?

Alia is the result of collaboration between Alkemy Spa, the Museo Nazionale dell’Arte Digitale – MNAD of Milano, and the MEET Digital Culture Center of Milano. Artshell, an Italian company specialising in innovative technological solutions for the art system and a long-term partner of Beyond Production, handled the graphic design and implementation of the final digital project.


Watch the video of Beyond Production Symposium

Visit the page and download the conference proceedings processed by ALIA.



Surfing NFT

The debut project of the collaboration, Surfing NFT, invited the contemporary artists presented by the galleries of Artissima to experiment the production of a work using NFTs (“Non Fungible Token”) and the blockchain technology in a specialized context, where the focus is on the quality of the work, not just its value as property.
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The second episode, METAmorphosis, explored the phenomenon of the Metaverse, highlighting its potential and limitations and proposing a critical, formative and educational vision for art world professionals (galleries and artists) and the public of enthusiasts.
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