Public days: 4 - 6 November 2022

Drawing the Invisible

“When you start drawing you go to places you have never been” – Peter Rich

Artissima, in collaboration with Moleskine – the brand that brought back to life the legendary, anonymous, notebook of artists and intellectuals of the last two centuries – organised Drawing the Invisible, a special project created for the 25th edition of the fair, and coordinated by the artist Marzia Migliora.

Drawing the Invisible is an educational project that invaded all the spaces of the fair, a series of mobile and performative drawing lessons opened to students of art academies in Piedmont and Lombardy, selected by means of an open call.

The project stemed from Marzia Migliora’s desire to delve into and portray the process that was concealed behind the work of art: the invisible aspect that remained concealed behind a sculpture, a performance or a painting. Through drawing, the technique with which children begin to construct a relationship with the physical world around them, the artist and the students attempted to reveal and narrate the creative process, taking advantage of the unique, personal style of each participant, in order to gather new impulses, visions and works.

With Drawing the Invisible, Artissima and Moleskine has created an educational project inside the fair, offering young students the possibility of interacting with a great artist, in a direct experience of creation of contemporary art.

We had collected dozens of suggestions and sketches, drawn by the participants on their notebooks. The selection below was organised according to the theme identified by Marzia Migliora during her lessons at the fair: The Art that generates Art. In this sequence you will find both the photos of the works presented in the galleries’ booths and the reinterpretation given by each participant.

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