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Guided Tours

Guided Tours

The 2019 edition of Artissima updated the programme of guided tours and offered to the general public to discover the fair in an engaging way: six tours per day on different themes from which visitors could choose, via online registration. The programme for 2019 renewed the collaboration with the cultural mediation professionals of Arteco, an association active in the field of historical-artistic research and contemporary art education.

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Everyday, every hour, starting from 1:00pm

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Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies
by Lauretana

The Walkie Talkies are short dialogues, almost intermezzos, between pairs of curators and collectors: an opportunity to get to know and discuss the best of Artissima. Exceptional guide accompanied visitors on strategic explorations of the gallery booths, to discover specific works, artists or languages.

The mobile nature of this particular programme of talks allowed the curators to organise original paths around the works, physically taking the conversation through the exhibits of Artissima to reveal new viewpoints and new keys of interpretation of the fair and contemporary art.

The programme 2019 featured visits, each for a period of about 30 minutes, from Friday 1 to Sunday 3 November, with the alternation of 18 guides who were international curators and collectors.

Info and booking: / +39 011 19744106

1 November


Sergio Alvarez e Corinne Benichou + Pietro Rigolo


Christiane Rekade + Tommaso Tisot


Alessio Antoniolli + Eugenio Re Rebaudengo


2 November


Nathalie Anglès + Irina Zucca Alessandrelli


Luigi Fassi + Dina Zameli


Philipp Bollmann + Masbedo


3 November


Gianfranco D’Amato + Andrea Viliani


Lucia Aspesi + Franco Lizza


Nicolas Ballario + Silvia Castelli Malacalza

Meeting Point
Meeting Point
by La Stampa

A special area of the fair hosted by La Stampa is set aside for conversations and debates, as well as presentations of projects, research, and events, presented by museums, institutions and other key-players on the art scene: a unique opportunity to meet and discuss with some leading figures in the international art scene.

Titled Desire and Censorship, the guiding theme of the 26th edition of Artissima, the programme of conversations coordinated this year by Anna Daneri, focusses on the various interpretations of this dichotomy in contemporary artistic thought. Artists, curators, collectors and experts on various disciplines have been invited to discuss this opposition, presenting their research, thoughts and studies to the audience.

The programme will be an opportunity to meet some of the protagonists of events taking place around the city during the period of Artissima, and to explore some of the artistic projects presented in the context of the curated sections of the fair and the collateral events. There will also be a focus on the Hub Middle East.


Make a Better World Now


Arthur Jafa and Lorenzo Fusi: A conversation on Love is The Message


Michael Rakowitz. Imperfect Binding


Family Data: una visione olistica. Quando il museo ispira il privato


Abstract Sex e le politiche del desiderio


Artissima 2019: Conclusions

Artissima Experimental Academy

Artissima Experimental Academy – Eyes, Come Back!

An interdisciplinary workshop involving direct creative practice. Taking inspiration from the mythological figure of the trickster, Setareh Shahbazi leads the participants to face themes like the plurality of points of view, the observation of the world through someone elese’s eyes, and the uncertainty of the contemporary society.


1 November 3.30pm-5.30pm
Intervention #1 – Presentation Eyes, Come Back!
With Setareh Shahbazi and the students

3 November 12.00-2.00pm
Intervention #2 – Eyes, Come Back!
With Franziska Pierwos and the students


Artissima Junior

Artissima and Juventus partner again, for the second year, to organise Artissima Junior, the project of the fair designed to involve young visitors in an immersive artistic experience of participation. Artissima Junior is the special initiative of the fair entirely aimed at children from 6 to 11 years of age, who become the protagonists of a creative operation.

The second edition of Artissima Junior calls on a duo of young artists, Valentina Ornaghi (Milan, 1986) and Claudio Prestinari (Milan, 1984), to invent and conduct SOPRA SOPRA, a project that becomes a collective artwork, somewhere between an installation and a useful object.

SOPRA SOPRA is also an activity book that continues the investigation of the solid bond between parts and the whole. Featuring stickers, drawings and creative instructions, the activity book becomes a mobile memory of the moments spent at Artissima Junior, a form of creativity training, an artistic workshop to take home and show to friends and relatives.

Artissima Junior look forward to seeing you at Artissima on the following schedule:
Friday 1, Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 November, 14.00 – 18.00

For further information and possibile reservations:
Each workshop will last about an hour.

Artissima Live

In 2019 the fair will bring back #ArtissimaLive, for real-time coverage composed of online magazines, blogs, and art websites that collaborate on the creation of content at the fair. The editorial project will develop along the lines of the central theme: the set-up of the workstation will reflect the visual identity for 2019, with large circular openings that conceal and reveal. There is a playful nod to the act of “spying” between those participating and the audience observing. At the same time, the invited players will work on specific threads, and will present (in pairs) opposing viewpoints on specific themes which emerge at the fair to foster the growth of a lively debate on the most timely themes of contemporary art.

#ArtissimaLive is coordinated by Elena Bordignon, founder of ATPdiary.

The participants for 2019 are:

31 October – 1 November
DROSTE EFFECT, Milan, New York

2-3 November


Concrete is a multidisciplinary project that leads to a special capsule collection of eyewear, thanks to the collaboration between VANNI occhiali, a historic brand Made in Italy sold in over 40 countries, and the artist Cristian Chironi (Nuoro, 1974).

The partnership between an outstanding local company in the world of design and the research and vision of a contemporary artist gives rise to a unique product, featured in performative encounters in the spaces of Artissima 2019. Visitors who wear the glasses at the fair will be involved in a direct interaction with the artist, which will be sudden, without preliminary agreement, unpredictable; revealed by quick approaches, intimate domestic gestures, confiding gazes.

1 November from 2:00pm to 6:00pm

2 November from 2:00pm to 6:00pm


HEAD is a project whose initiator and protagonist is Franco Curletto, a hairstylist renowned in the world of fashion, cinema and art, who with his team will create the hair concept for a performance by the irreverent artist Tomaso Binga (Salerno, 1931).

Inside a “creative bubble” physically suspended in the air, which once contained the referee’s cabin for Olympic events, a team of skilled hairdressers will work on the preparation of the actions performed by Binga.

31 October, 1:00pm – Present Future Plaza

Tomaso Binga. Il confessore elettronico / La moglie del cardinale

1 November, 6:30pm – Publisher’s Area

Tommaso Binga. Con quaranta gradi all’ombra

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