Public days: 1 - 3 november 2019
Fair Programme
Ypsilon St'Art Tour

Ypsilon St’Art Tour
by Lancia

The 2018 edition of Artissima updated the programme of guided tours supported by Lancia Ypsilon and offered to the general public, to discover the fair in an engaging way: six tours per day on different themes from which visitors could choose, via online registration.

The Lancia Ypsilon St’Art Tour for 2018 is titled “Dettagli del contemporaneo” and renewed the collaboration with the cultural mediation professionals of Arteco, an association active in the field of historical-artistic research and contemporary art education.


Invisible Cities: architecture in art

Contemporary Traditions: echoes from the past

The Future is Now: contemporary experimentation

Immersed in listening: from performance to video by way of sound

Looking Close, Seeing Far: the gaze beyond boundaries

A story made of details: 25 years of Artissima 

Walkie Talkies

Walkie Talkies
by Lauretana

The Walkie Talkies are short dialogues, almost intermezzos, between pairs of curators and collectors: an opportunity to get to know and discuss the best of Artissima. Exceptional guide accompanied visitors on strategic explorations of the gallery booths, to discover specific works, artists or languages.

The mobile nature of this particular programme of talks allowed the curators to organise original paths around the works, physically taking the conversation through the exhibits of Artissima to reveal new viewpoints and new keys of interpretation of the fair and contemporary art.

The programme 2018 featured visits, each for a period of about 30 minutes, from Friday 2 to Sunday 4 November, with the alternation of 18 guides who were international curators and collectors.


2 November 3:30pm

Sevda Elgiz + Mari Spirito


2 November 4:30pm

Bart van der Heide + Melanie van Ogtrop


2 November 5:30pm

Milovan Farronato + Frances Reynolds


3 November 2:30pm

Katerina Gregos + Deborah Najar


3 November 3:30pm

Claire Tancons + Ramin Salsali


3 November 4:30pm

Abaseh Mirvali + Ayla Busch


4 November 14:30pm

Ilaria Gianni + Franpcesco Taurisano


4 November 3:30pm

Marcella Beccaria + Renata Novarese


4 November 4:30pm

Emanuele Chieli + Eva Fabbris


Meeting Point
Meeting Point
by La Stampa
A special area of the fair by La Stampa was set aside for the presentation of projects, research, events and debates. For the 25th edition of Artissima, the calendar of conversations had been coordinated by Paola Nicolin, editor-at-large of Domus. Time After Time is the title of the programme, which set out to stimulate wider-ranging, multiple reflections on time/temporality and the many experiences that connected art to this dimension of awareness.


2 November 1pm

City Soundtrack

With Susan Philipsz and Luca Cerizza


2 November 2:30pm

Editing Images

With Rachel Rose, Erica Battle and Irene Calderoni


2 November 3:30pm

Travel Notes

With Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev and Alessandra Mammì


2 November 4:30pm

Uno, nessuno, centomila. Moltiplicare l’arte, divulgare il sapere

With Claudio Guenzani, Paolo Nava, Bruno Tonini and Giovanna Fazzuoli


2 November 5:30pm

The infinite knowledge: cultural information and production between the digital and the paper-made

With Dario Tosetti, Ugo Bertone, Federico Ferrazza, Federico Sarica, Jacopo Tondelli and Elena Masuelli


2 November 6:30pm

How long does a collaboration last?

With Petrit Halilaj and Leonardo Bigazzi

3 November 1:30pm

Conversation with ZonArte

With Fortunato D’Amico, Francesco de Biase, Flavia Barbaro, Orietta Brombin, Mario Petriccione, Anna Pironti and Paola Zanini


3 November 2:30pm

Hans Ulrich Obrist

With Hans Ulrich Obrist and Hamish Fulton


3 November 3:30pm

The role of women in Latin-American art institutions. Past, Present and Future

With Fernanda Brenner, Julieta Gonzáles, Abaseh Mirvali and Federico Luger


3 November 4:30pm

Collecting: the passage from present to future

With Tommaso Tisot, Virginia Montani Tesei, Sabina Puggioni, Diego Bergamaschi, Maurizio Morra Greco and Antonella Crippa


3 November 5:30pm

My firts 25 years. The gallery owners of Artissima tell about their “first” twenty-fifth editions

With Alfonso Artiaco, Sergio Bertaccini, Massimo Minini, Alberto Peola, Giorgio Persano and Rocco Moliterni


3 November 6:30pm

Sunday Photo La Stampa: the finalists

With Marco Zatterin, Rocco Moliterni and Fabio Bucciarelli


4 November 1:30pm

Notes for a lesson

With Guido Guidi and Stefano Graziani


4 November 2:30pm

25 years of display art

With Gail Cochrane and Simona Malvezzi


4 November 3:30pm

The Art of Gossip

With Cordelia Noe, Mariuccia Casadio, Annalisa Scandroglio and Jacopo Milliani


4 November 4:30pm

The time of the speech

With Fausta Squatriti and Pietro Rigolo


4 November 5:30pm

Art in Asia: institutional models, temporary exhibitions and non profit spaces

With Isa Lorenzo, Davide Quadrio, Marco Scotini and Silvia Vannacci


4 November 6:30pm

Sunday Photo La Stampa: the winners

With Marco ZatterinRocco Moliterni and Fabio Bucciarelli


4 November 7:00pm

2018: 25 years of Artissima

With Maurizio Molinari and Ilaria Bonacossa

Book Corner

Book corner

Curated by Librerie Corraini, it will host book and catalogue presentations by institutions, galleries and publishers.


2 November 2pm

“a due”, an Italo-Belgian story about artistic encounters

With Laura Viale, Davide Bertocchi, Serena Fineschi, Alessandro Scarabello and Francesco Bernardelli


2 November 3pm

Eva Frapiccini. Words without Action Poison the Soul

With Eva Frapiccini, Laura Riva and Matteo Bergamini


2 November 4pm

Innovating enterprises through art. The Fondazione Ermanno Casoli method

With Marcello Smarrelli, Chiara Paolino and Marinella Senatore


2 November 5pm

Textured Field / Signs and the Urban 1964-1972

With Tiziano Dabbeni, Marco Scotini and Ugo La Pietra


2 November 6pm

Pari & Dispari

With Lorenzo Balbi and Agnese Toniutti


3 November 12.30pm

Serie imperiale. Flavio Favelli

With Flavio Favelli e Elisa Del Prete


3 November 2pm

Francesco Lo Savio

With Denis Isaia, Silvia Lucchesi, Alberto Salvadori, Riccardo Venturi and Luca Trevisani


3 November 3pm

Gino De Dominicis, Lo Zodiaco: L’Attico, Rome April 4 – 8, 1970

With Matteo Di Castro, Giuseppe Garrera, Fausto Giaccone and Luca Lo Pinto


3 November 4pm

Mademoiselle ma très chère cousine

With Caterina Gualco Rebecca Ballestra and Philip Corner


3 November 5pm

Alfredo Volpi, The Poetics of Color

With Alberto Salvadori e Cristiano Raimondi


4 November 6pm

Enrico Baj. Automitobiografia

With Roberta Baj, Ugo Nespolo e Angela Sanna


4 November 2pm

The Contemporary Art in Italy. Public and Private Actors

With Massimo Melotti, Marina Paglieri and Francesco De Biase


4 November 3pm

Guglielmo Castelli. Goodmorning Bambino

With João Mourão, Luìs Silva, Lorenzo Balbi, Guglielmo Castelli and Carolina Pozzi


4 November 4pm

The “In collezione” series by the Fondazione Giulio e Anna Paolini

With Luca Cerizza, Maddalena Disch, Laura Iamurri and Maria Teresa Roberto


4 November 5pm

La Tartaruga. The History of a Gallery

With Ilaria Bernardi and Maria Teresa Roberto

DAF Struttura

DAF Struttura, curated by Jan St. Werner and Zasha Colah,is a free and experimantal school; a light and sound installation that functions as a research and performance environment. For four days, DAF Struttura will turn into an auditorium, a recording studio, a radio station, a stage: a thinking place to meet speakers, lecturers, musicians, and artists.


2 November 5:30pm

Lecture with Yael Salomonowitz and Zasha Colah


2 November 6:30pm

Open concert


3 November 6:00pm

Jan St. Werner lecture


3 November 7:00pm

Open concert


4 November 12:00 – 7:30pm

Open to the public

Artissima Junior

Artissima Junior was the new special project of the fair aimed at young visitors, to involve them in an immersive, participatory artistic experience.

Formulated and created in collaboration with Juventus, Artissima Junior was a workshop space inside the Oval where hundreds of children, together with the South American artist Alek O.,  were invited to construct a large environmental installation. The initiative was coordinated by ZonArte, a network supported by the Fondazione per l’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CRT of Torino, which since 2010 has gathered together the Education Departments of the leading contemporary art institutions of Piedmont: Castello di Rivoli Museum of Contemporary Art, GAM – Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Fondazione Merz, and PAV Parco Arte Vivente, an experimental centre for contemporary art (in collaboration with Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo and Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto).

Artissima Live

In 2018 the fair replicated #ArtissimaLive, for real-time coverage composed of online magazines, bloggers and art websites that collaborated on the creation of content at the fair.

This year the initiative explored the theme of time seen as a “live” narrative of the present, with a parallel focus on the theme of sound, in a neutral space sheltered from the dynamic context of the fair: an individual workstation that hosted a blogger on a daily basis, who in the phase of creation of editorial content also selected music offered for listening, using headphones, to an audience seated outside the room. A sort of inspirational soundtrack to accompany the creative process and, by extension, the fair itself.

#ArtissimaLive is coordinated by Elena Bordignon, founder of ATP Diary.

The participants to the 2018 edition are:
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