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20 November 2023 Journal News

Lo stereoscopio dei solitari, the new Artissima podcast that invites you on a voyage through stories intertwined with the world of art, narrated by 12 exceptional authors, is online.

Each month gallerists, playwrights, performers and writers will share the attraction to artistic creation, freely outlining their own narratives driven by inner urges, personal fascinations and research.

In the words of the director Luigi Fassi:

“Lo stereoscopio dei solitari” is a project developed to call attention to some of the most interesting protagonists of the Italian art and culture scene, all ready to be discovered and rediscovered, in the talent of each to activate desires and meditations on the fatal passion of art. The result is a choral and individual journey of narrators, alternating to restore force to the oral tradition and to a fragile, elusive human trace, the voice, which evokes the powerful space of art and its narration”.

The first episode calls on Turin-based Guido Costa, founder of Galleria Guido Costa Projects, which works with outstanding artists like Boris Mikhailov, Peter Friedl, Paul Etienne Lincoln and Nan Goldin. Costa is a profound connoisseur of the main international trends in terms of the languages and markets of contemporary art. His reflections take their cue from a curious personal episode: the organization of the first exhibition by Damien Hirst in Italy, towards the end of the 1990s, a historic moment that marks the birth of the figure of the “artist as rock star”. A moment that was not only important from a cultural standpoint, but also in economic, social and relational terms.

Lo stereoscopio dei solitari, an Artissima production, is made in collaboration with Il Giornale dell’Arte and with the support of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo.

All the episodes are in Italian.


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