Artissima presents new podcast Lo stereoscopio dei solitari, a voyage through stories of lives that intertwine with the world of art, narrated by 12 exceptional authors.

Gallerists, playwrights, performers, writers and musicians share the attraction to artistic creation, freely outlining their own narratives driven by inner urges, personal fascinations and research. Like stereoscopic images – driven by the suggestion of the title, taken from a novel by J. Rodolfo Wilcock (published by Adelphi) – the voices point to a three-dimensional development of the stories being told, granting form to the singularity of each account through words.

Lo stereoscopio dei solitari, an Artissima production, is made in collaboration with Il Giornale dell’Arte and with the support of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo.

All the episodes are in Italian.

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► Ep. 01 | Guido Costa 

The story of Damien Hirst’s first exhibition in Italy becomes an opportunity for the Turin gallerist Guido Costa to reflect on the evolution of the art market over the last thirty years.