Public days: 3 - 5 November 2023

New Entries BAR

New Entries BAR is a place, a project, a story created with the objective of showcasing the research of the galleries in the New Entries section and their artists inside the conceptual platform IDENTITY, supported by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo. The New Entries BAR will be coordinated by the group Cripta747 and will welcome the fair audience into a special space inside the pavilion.

To narrate the young galleries in an original way, the New Entries BAR applies an innovative concept, combining the function of an actual bar – seen as a gathering place, a social and collective outpost – with the production of specific contents to share with the public and sector professionals. A bar kiosk set up inside the fair, capable of generating the typical dynamics of a public space and the lively atmosphere of an open, welcoming and interactive piazza.

The New Entries BAR will also be the distribution point for the New Entries Magazine, a publishing project that takes a carefree approach to the idea of the newspaper, containing interviews, stories and inserts with images to closely engage with viewers thanks to simple language capable of shedding light on the debate around emerging productions in the New Entries section.

The New Entries BAR, in the words of Cripta747, “takes its cue from the theories of Ray Oldenburg on the third place: as opposed to the first place (the home) and the second (the workplace), the third place is public space, a neutral area in which people can meet, gather and interact, simply for the pleasure of doing so”.

During its opening hours, the New Entries BAR will first of all be a gathering place where the audience of Artissima can utilise the space in a totally free, independent way, enjoying a break on the provided seating, browsing through the magazine and watching performances, live sets, lectures and screenings produced in collaboration with the galleries and the represented artists. The drinks menu will be organized by the fair’s new spirits partner Chinati Vergano, which in collaboration with Fischio Roma will prepare offerings specially developed for the project.


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