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Adriano Panatta during the semi-finals of the Milano Indoor, WCT (World Championship Tennis), Palasport di Milan

1 April 1979
Photograph by Sandro Bacchi
© Intesa Sanpaolo Historical Archives, photography section

Adriano Panatta was one of the greatest Italian tennis players. During his career he competed at the highest levels, defeating famous names like Bjorn Borg. There were years in which Panatta’s name was heard constantly in sports coverage, especially 1976, when he was victorious at Roland Garros and the Italian Open in Roma, and won the Davis Cup with the Italian team. In this latter tournament, played that year in Chile, Panatta stood out not only for his on-court prowess, but also because he wore a red jersey as a sign of protest against Pinochet and his dictatorship. 

Son of the caretaker of the Parioli Tennis Club in Rome, Panatta has reached the highest levels of his sport, and has always made his voice be heard.

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