Public days: 3 - 5 November 2023


Starting from reflections on the theme of the 2023 edition of Artissima, Relations of Care, the magazine CURA. presents The Planetary Curator, a series of talks envisioned as a single flow of thoughts and discussion on the theme of care, in which various thinkers, including the Brazilian anthropologist Renzo Taddei, joined by artists and curators, have been invited to take part in the conversation. The cycle of talks will take place at the Meeting Point on Saturday 4 November.

The debate on the theme of taking care does not only address the planet, the environment and other species, but also all the forms that surround us, living or inanimate. The act of taking care exists in every aspect of everyday life, and has to do – as the invited guests explain – not only with the environment, trees, nature, animals, interspecies relations, but also with forms of coexistence and cohabitation, design and art. Caring does not just mean intuitive insight, to create, connect and give rise to forms, energies and new thought. It also means having an active and sustainable role in the community. While the planetary gardener of Gilles Clement was called upon to care for his or her own garden, the planetary curator evoked by this cycle of talks urges us without distinction to take care of the planet, charging us with a new role of responsibility towards the living world.

Within the future outlook of the fair, Artissima celebrates its 30th anniversary by investigating new forms of care capable of looking into the future and imagining possible new scenarios.

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