Public days: 4 - 6 November 2022

Torino Social Impact Art Award

The project Torino Social Impact Art Award – conceived by Artissima, promoted by Torino Social Impact, in collaboration with Combo and with the support, since the first edition, of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo – is aimed at emerging talents with a multicultural and migratory background.

The first edition of the project (2020) – titled Quante Italie? – awarded Caterina Erica Shanta (Germany, 1986) and Liryc Dela Cruz (Philippines, 1992), who during the residency in Torino produced respectively the video works Talking about visibility and Il Mio Filippino: Invisible Bodies, Neglected Movements. The second edition (2021) – titled ZOOM IN/ZOOM OUT – awarded Monia Ben Hamouda (Milan, 1991) and the collective MRZB who during the residency in Torino produced respectively the video works Adhan to Dora with and STILI DRAMA XLI-XLII: la Giostra di Lulu.

On the occasion of Artissima 2021, the four video works created during the residences by the winning artists were presented in a dedicated stand at the fair. Furthermore, on 5 and 6 November 2021 two evenings dedicated to the project were organized at Combo, with the artistic direction of the artists.

Discover more on the artworks of the 2020 and 2021 winners.



Talking About Visibility

Can a story that began far away, whose origin has been lost amidst crossed geographical boundaries, be staged in another theatre, where the streets and squares are inseparably connected with national history? To ponder this question, the artist has conducted a workshop on collective cinema in Torino, the city that was Italy’s first capital, working with refugees and people with a migratory past. Together, they have produced 11 short films that intertwine in a story rooted in the films loved by each of the participants during childhood. This cinema memories become a field of exchange and negotiation to question the imaginary that inscribes the places of our everyday coexistence.


Il Mio Filippino: Invisible Bodies, Neglected Movements

Il Mio Filippino: Invisible Bodies, Neglected Movements is based on the research and documentation of the “gestures of care and cleaning methods” of Filipino cleaning workers. It poses the question on whether and how we can decolonize the enslaved and overexploited body. Is it possible to unlearn the colonial legacies embedded in these gestures of slavery and exhaustion? Can we emancipate the enslaved body, and how?


Adhan to Dora

Adhan to Dora is a film about the desire for language and about musical and melodic prejudice.
It aims to highlight how language can often be a form of misunderstanding rather than a vehicle of understanding. Criticising linguistics and inherited political and narrative structures, it encourages the viewer to confront their own prejudices by looking at the landscape as a chimerical trigger of a complex and inescapable socio-political reasoning.


STILI DRAMA XLI-XLII: La Giostra di Lulu

STILI DRAMA XLI-XLII: La Giostra di Lulu, the second episode of a para-cinema project in progress, focuses on a distorted, suburban and schizophrenic underworld that evolves in opposition to a mechanical, lustrous and horrific city. The film fragment is an allegory of the work, seen as a spectacle or a conjuring trick. The video is shot entirely on the banks of the Stura River on the northern outskirts of Torino.
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