1 - 3 November 2024

The project Torino Social Impact Art Award – conceived by Artissima, in collaboration with Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo and promoted by Torino Social Impact – is aimed to support emerging talents with a multicultural and migratory background.

The aim of the Award is to widen the boundaries of action in social innovation to contemporary art. Concentrating on the broad multiculturalism of today’s society, the award proposes new relationships and opens up unexpected scenarios, through the perspectives and practices of the winning artists.

The 2022 edition – titled Rebellions and rebirths: the creative potential of confrontation – awarded artists Federico Pozuelo and Natália Trejbalová, who presented at Artissima 2022 the videos produced during the residency.

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Federico Pozuelo

Burden of Proof

In Burden of Proof, Federico Pozuelo presents a story about the possible ways prejudices can drive our actions, influencing and altering the way we interpret facts. In the video, two characters are working on the construction of a crime scene. As they lay out evidence and retrace the trajectory of a bullet, their conversation and actions reveal a confrontation between rationality and magic, irrationality and science, modern thinking and political violence.

Natália Trejbalová

Under the Never Ground

Under the Never Ground is a voyage into the bowels of Turin, in which Natália Trejbalová presents an unusual perspective on the underground dimension of the city. Shot in the Pastiss Underground Fortress, the video conveys the possibility of a dual interpretation typical of science fiction: in the work, the tunnels built in the 16 th century gradually change into fantastic works of architecture, reflecting and condensing a change in the perspective and imagery that have always been embodied by underground sites.
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