Public days: 3 – 5 November 2023

Artissima Junior 2022

Artissima and Juventus continued their interaction for the fourth consecutive year, presenting a new version of Artissima Junior, the project for young visitors to the fair, involving them in an immersive experience of artistic teamwork. Artissima Junior is the fair’s first special initiative entirely organized for children from 6 to 11 years of age who become the protagonists of a creative operation.

The third edition of Artissima Junior featured the artist Giovanni Ozzola (Florence, 1982) represented by Galleria Continua (San Gimignano, Beijing, Les Moulins, Havana, Rome, Sao Paulo, Paris, Dubai), to envision and guide the making of BRILLA. A constellation, a project that has become a collective work of art centring on the concept of uniqueness.

The artist, accompanying the children in an analogy with stars, invited the participants to realize how unique they are, and to understand the fundamental importance of their identity and diversity for the future of our society and our world. Playing with a symbolic firmament that becomes a canvas, with a ball that becomes a star and colours that become the inimitable traces of the passage of each participant, the children have discovered how stars sparkle with diversity, the many links existing between their constellations, and their resemblance to our relationships with others, our feelings of belonging to a group, our way of acting as a team, where all the individuals have their own role, style, strong points and weaknesses. At the end of the four-day workshop, the artist left his own creative gesture on the work, becoming part of the magical constellations based on the ties between the stars of all the young participants.

BRILLA. A Constellation is also an art book that prompts children to discover themselves through play, understanding that creativity can be a magical key of interpretation of reality. With lively stickers, drawings and creative instructions, the art book becomes a mobile trail and souvenir of the experience of Artissima Junior, an exercise in creativity, an artistic workout through which to grasp the conceptual value of contemporary art.

Specifically for Artissima Junior, Giovanni Ozzola has also created Torino ventisei nove (2022), a new work made inside the Allianz Stadium of Juventus. The artist provided each participant with a print of the photograph, so they too can become collectors of contemporary art.

Artissima Junior is colored by Carioca

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