Artissima and Fondazione per l’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea CRT launched Beyond Production in 2021: a dialogue capable of stimulating and fostering reflections on the most innovative trends in art, investigating their relationship with the transformations of the society, with a central focus on the works and the historical and cultural value of collecting. After the first two editions that respectively explored the phenomenon of NFTs (2021) and the Metaverse (2022), the third chapter presents Symposium (2023), an in-depth reflection on the relationship between new technologies, art and society, translating into a cycle of studies with outstanding speakers, held on 4 November at OGR Torino from 9.30 AM to 1.30 PM.

The conference at the fair will report on the contents emerging from the Symposium, with the aid of Alia, an artificial entity developed by the department of Deep Learning and Big Data of Alkemy Spa, the partner company of the project. The objective of the involvement of Artificial Intelligence, as in the research on NFTs and the Metaverse, is to come to terms with an issue that is driving the contemporary debate: is AI an ally, a substitute or an enemy?

The speakers in the conversation will be the mediators of the Symposium: Ilaria Bonacossa (Curator of Beyond Production and Direttrice del Museo Nazionale dell’Arte
Digitale – MNAD), Luisa Ausenda (Curator and founder of Studio Leggero), Matteo Pessione
(Coordinator of OGR Tech, in charge of Operational Control of OGR Torino and head of Innovative Projects for Fondazione CRT) and Edoardo Raffiotta (LCA Studio Legale)


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05/11/2023 - 16:30-17:30


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