2 - 4 November 2018

Massimo Minini


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    Massimo Minini
  • Owner
    Daniella Betta
  • Gallery Manager
    Viviana Bertanzetti


  • Italy

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What's on at the Gallery

Swan Bones - From 28/04/2017 to 24/06/2017, Brescia Artist(s): Wilfredo Prieto

Huesos de bambú - From 27/01/2018 to 10/03/2018, Brescia Artist(s): ARMANDO ANDRADE TUDELA

Artists At Artissima 2017

Jonathan Monk

Wilfredo Prieto

Ariel Schlesinger

Artworks at Artissima 2017

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Main Venue

Via Luigi Apollonio, 68
Brescia, Italy
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