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Day #2 from Temporary Appartamento Lago @ Artissima 2015

7 November 2015 Journal News
And this is what happens, too, at the Temporary Appartamento LAGO @Artissima: that someone who yesterday interviewed or met Sarah Cosulich here comes back today to enjoy the breathtaking view and the peaceful design of this space; and that stays a little bit longer to chat on the Air Sofa  ( others who have had his same idea. And it happens that in this suspended atmosphere ideas collide, sparkling, and empathy does the rest. Who knows, tomorrow these ideas may become new adventures, or just feed some minds.After a while here comes Marzia Corraini, whose name needs no presentation when it comes to Art, Design and Publishing, and is above all the ingenious promoter of meetings, exchanges and matches, and publisher of Bruno Munari (  This place looks familiar to her, too, as she published a book about the experience of the Appartamento Lago ( during the Salone del Mobile 2009. We talk about how the Art Gallery and publisher Corraini, both in a privileged position to free creativity around their projects, have always loved and explored the mix and match between art, design, illustration and photography; even when the artists feared they would get their hands too dirty by getting their art closer to everyday life through the production of objects.
Today it’s not like this anymore, the contemporary world takes into Artissima artists and personalities hard to define, whose art goes beyond any classification.

Up here, in the temporary Appartamento LAGO, we also speak about how a book is a fantastic object per se; because it needs a shape, but that shape must enable the content the book brings to us. Corraini, with its history, always welcomes the strangest writers, those who hardly find space in the most traditional publishing…and from the “creative confusion” often a new publishing project is born.Also the relationship between spaces and its inhabitants is a thought we share here and now: Marzia tells us that Art Gallery and Publishing company have often eased decisions and choices. Today Corraini’s headquarters are in an historical building downtown Mantova, “the least functional place you can imagine”, but hard to leave for its load of beauty, that pervades Corraini’s work. But Marzia underlines that even incredibly unhospitable places may leave space to incredibly beautiful projects, exactly because of the roots they can touch in the human beings; that remain, by the way, human.
There’s no doubt that the space that in this moment hosts us is a space of beauty, a calm and almost unreal beauty in a creative and hectic context as a fair can be; and it’s so quiet and welcoming that a mother is now breastfeeding her baby on one sofa, overlooking the crowd.

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